Just a Micro Question…


It’s ridiculous. I’ve been working on this book for over two years and it still does not have a proper title. Yet my other book, the one I’m currently planning out, has a title which I like! So why is it so difficult to come up with a title for the book I’ve actually written? How can I show off about it if it doesn’t even have a name? WHAT IS THIS LIFE?!

Seriously, how do people come up with decent titles? Do they just dream them up? Shall I go to sleep asking what to call my book and hope the subconscious throws something out? I’ve tried going through the character’s names, the book’s themes, locations…nothing! Nothing jumps out. And I can’t just name it any old thing. It has to be RIGHT. It has to be something I’m proud of.

It has to be better than “Book 1” at any rate!



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