The Writer’s Genie

(Hey, look, it’s Word Prompt Wednesday on a Thursday again! Who’s surprised by that? No one! Internet was playing up yesterday so here we are, one day late, like usual 😀 )

I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. Okay, so my life has imploded and my time to write has been sandwiched into a tiny gap in my day between bedtimes. I spend most of my days longing for time to work and then, when the magic time arrives, finding myself too tired to actually achieve anything. It is endlessly frustrating. I wrote a letter to the council this morning and I was rather impressed with it. Make me write it again now and it would be something like; “NO, Council, don’t want to give you money.”

But my life is by no means original. Finding time to write is a problem many writers have, even professional ones. I have no problem with the concept of ‘making time’, I just wish I could ‘make’ my brain work, too.

So what would I ask of the Writer Genie?

My first thought was I’d like to have everything I ever wrote to be SPECTACULAR and LOVED BY ALL, along those lines. My next thought was, ‘Oh God, I don’t want people thinking my first drafts are magnificent, I KNOW I can do better’. So what do I actually want? A guaranteed success for the final version? But when will I know I’ve obtained the final version? I’m the type of writer (and I know there’s many of us) who could rewrite and rewrite myself into a completely new story.  I need a hint that I’ve hit perfection (ha, ‘perfection’, that completely unattainable thing…)

Another thought was thus; perfect spelling and grammar. My spelling is probably above average, I can spell things I can’t even say properly, but it’s not perfect by a long shot. And my grammar, well, that’s definitely questionable. I’ll openly admit that, without Googling, I’m not sure what the Oxford comma is. So how fab would be to be perfect at those? No more worrying if it’s a : or ; but just knowing. I’ll take that, Writer Genie!

The last one, and probably the most realistic one, is thus; confidence in myself. It’s another common writer problem to think your work is okay one minute and completely tripe the next. I’m currently stuck in this wave of thought myself. I have two works complete and one in the planning stages and I am convinced they’re all rubbish. Don’t know why I’m even bothering. May take up finger painting instead. Of course confidence ebbs and flows like tide. Some days I feel on top of the world, I’M THE NEXT LITERARY GENIUS! Other days I’m not even fit to write the date. But what I’d like, Writer Genie, is to feel confident all the time because, I am sure, from confidence comes brilliance and the cycle would continue.

Or, at least, I hope.


Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash


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